Skyrim Together Reborn - Kyle's Server

Server Address:

Server Password: Neko

Main Links

Site Link
Skyrim Together Main
Skyrim Together Wiki
Skyrim Together Discord
Vortex - Use to install mods
TES V: Skyrim Special Edition

Required Mods

Mod Link Notes
Skyrim Together Reborn Main mod
Address Library SKSE not required. Choose Anniversary Edition
Unofficial Patch Read the name
Immersive Weapons Adds 230 weapons
Immersive Armors Adds 55 armour sets & more
Apocalypse Adds 155 spells
Imperious Better race bonuses
Andromeda Better standing stones
Bandolier Adds bags & pouches
Heights of Skyrim Makes races different heights
SKSE Download Aniversary Edition (game version 1.6.353)
Frostfall Requires SKSE - Adds survival
Campfire Requires SKSE - Adds camping
iNeed Adds hunger, thirst, & sleep
Wet & Cold Adds weather effects & gear

Optional Mods

Mod Link Notes
SMIM Graphics - Better 3D models
Realistic Lighting Overhaul Graphics - Lighting Overhaul
Darker Nights Graphics - Does what it says
Realistic Water Two Graphics - Better Water
KS Hairdos Graphics - Better Hair
Total Character Makeover Graphics - Better Faces
SkyUI Requires SKSE - Better UI